If you import a recording to Clipwise or visit a shared recording URL, you have access to the media player, transcript, and auto-generated clips as your landing page.


Auto Clipper 🏄🏽

Clipwise uses speaker detection to automatically create clips for when attendees speak for an extended period of time.


Create a Clip 📎

But you can easily create your own clips during recording playback. Click 'Set Clip Start' to create a marker for the beginning of your clip and then click 'Set Clip End' (or just adjust the timestamp as shown in image below) to create a marker for the end of the clip.

Once you have a start/end selected navigate over to the right where you can add a 'Clip Title' and/or 'Play Preview' if desired, then 'Create Clip'.


👆 When you 'Create Clip' you'll notice that the clip is now added to your list of clips and placed in chronological order based on the clip start time.


PRO TIP It’s also possible to Create a Clip directly from the transcript. In the top right of the transcript area, you’ll notice a toggle that removes timestamps and condenses a speaker’s monologue. Navigate to the transcript area after toggling and click the clip icon to quickly create a clip from the transcript text.


Edit a Clip Title 🖱️

Click the edit icon to the right of the clip title, update the text, then click Update Clip.


Share a Clip URL


Add, Edit, & Delete a Comment

Add Comment

Click on the yellow chat icon to add a comment.


You will notice at the bottom is an area for you to "Write a message..." click [Enter] after you are finished typing.

Edit or Delete Comment

Edit an existing comment 🖋️

or add another comment to the thread, then click [Enter] after you are finished typing.

Click the trash can next to the edit comment icon and Confirm Delete. ✂️