Recording Page

When you first land on a recording page, you should see the media player and transcript on the left side ⬅️ and a list of clips on the right ➡️.


Tabs for Recording Owners

Above the Popular Clips, you'll see a navigation bar with 5 tabs.

From left to right, the icons represent:

Details | Clips | Tags | Notes | Comments 📌


Tabs for Recording Visitors

If you are NOT the owner of the recording, you'll see a navigation bar with 3 tabs.

You won't see the icons for Tags & Notes since those are specific to the owner of the recording.

From left to right, the icons are:

Details | Clips | Comments 📌

Details Tab Without Google Calendar & Salesforce Integration


If you've yet to set up any integrations beyond Zoom (e.g. Google Calendar & Salesforce) then the View Details tab will ONLY display Start Time & Organizer.


Google Calendar & Salesforce Integration

BUT if you do integrate with Google Calendar and/or Salesforce, you will see additional context for the recording.

Click on the Details tab and you'll see:

  • Internal & External Attendees (from Zoom & Google Calendar)
  • Names & Titles for the External Attendees (from Salesforce)
  • List of Opportunities associated with the Account (from Salesforce).

Salesforce Opportunity Change History

And if you hover over any of the opportunities, you can view recent change history for that opportunity: