Is Clipwise the right fit 🧤for your needs?

🙌🏽Let's go through some basics before you install Clipwise.

Zoom App Marketplace

Clipwise has completed an extensive application and security review process for Public release on the Zoom App Marketplace.

Before using Clipwise, you or your Zoom admin must authorize/install Clipwise via Zoom's app marketplace for your account. The approval process can take place during the authorization of Zoom within the Clipwise application or can also be done via the Zoom App Marketplace prior to visiting

🧲 Zoom > Clipwise

It's important to understand a couple things before you start exploring:

  1. Clipwise does not create any recordings. We import recordings from your Zoom account and therefore we need Zoom to process your recordings before importing them to Clipwise.
  2. Clipwise does not automatically give you access to your team member's recordings. You will need to request the Clipwise share URL from someone else's recordings before gaining access.
  3. A good rule of thumb for Zoom's processing time for recordings is usually the length of the recording, e.g. a 30 minute recording takes about 30 minutes to process.

Zoom Email Notifications 📧

All Zoom users are automatically setup to receive an email notification when a recording is completed unless the notifications have been turned off.


Zoom Transcript Processing


Zoom's transcript processing typically completes within 1-2 hours after the recording is processed.

Clipwise continually listens for when Zoom transcripts are completed but if you want to check as to whether a transcript has been processed by Zoom, you can log into your Zoom account then find the recording by navigating to Personal > Recordings then click on the recording link to see whether the transcript has completed processing.


When Zoom transcripts will get stuck in a queue you will need to contact Zoom's support team to have them 'released'. Before contacting Clipwise about a missing transcript, please check your Zoom account to make sure the transcript has completed processing.

Notice in the example below that the recording is still Transcribing...


But also notice that Zoom could be Unable to transcribe as well.