Clipwise works best with a Zoom Business account since it relies on cloud recordings and transcripts from Zoom to automatically generate clips for your team. 🙌


📝 Recording & Transcript Configuration


Before creating a Clipwise account, review the settings on your Zoom Business account: For all Zoom Members, go to "My Account > Settings > Recording" to confirm your settings A Zoom Admin can go to "My Account > Account Management > Account Settings > Recording" to confirm or adjust settings for the entire team.

Cloud Recording 🎞ī¸

Cloud recording must be turned on and Audio transcript needs to be selected to create a transcript file. Clipwise uses the transcript file to auto-curate clips for your recordings. đŸšĨ


Automatic Recording (recommended)

Scrolling down further on the Recording settings page displays Automatic recording. By toggling this feature to ON, you prevent the likelihood of an important meeting not getting recorded. Zoom hosts will then have the option to turn OFF the recording when a meeting starts.

Or see GROUP CONFIGURATION below on how to setup.


🛑 Recording Disclaimer (recommended)

Zoom provides options to alert attendees that a meeting is being recorded. A Zoom member is able to turn notifications ON/OFF for themselves but only a Zoom Admin can customize recording notifications for the entire account.


Recording Files đŸĨĸ

With the above settings, these are the files that you should now expect to see in Zoom after your recordings are completed (My Account > Recordings > Click on a hyperlinked Topic):


User & Group Configuration (for Zoom Admin)

Clipwise uses the Zoom Department field to:

  1. provide recording analytics by dept
  2. group by dept for insights purposes (duration minutes, total GB, storage)
  3. route recording notifications to Slack based on dept

Single User Update

To change a user's profile go to: Admin > User Management > Users > Select User


Bulk User Update

To make a bulk change to user profiles go to: Admin > User Management > Users > Select Export (All users in the table)

Export to .CSV, make the adjustments and then Import the file when you're done with changes.


Group Configuration (for Zoom Admin)

Zoom has an important admin feature called group management that gives your Zoom Admin the flexibility to configure settings based on a group of Zoom members, e.g. turn ON auto-recording for certain teams but turn OFF auto-recording for others.


This is especially helpful to control your overall recording minutes as a company

To create groups, go to: Admin > User Management > Group Management and add a group, e.g. Auto-Recording Off.


Once you've created a group, click on the group name, then click the hyperlinked number (e.g. 0) to the right of Total Members to add a member.

In this example, we have auto-recording set to ON globally for the organization but we can adjust the setting to OFF for this group called Auto-Recording Off.