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Clipwise uses Zoom to authenticate your account.


You need a Zoom account to access your recordings within Clipwise. If you are not a Zoom admin you will need to request pre-approval for installation.

Clipwise has two applications in the Zoom App Marketplace and uses the Zoom API to import meetings, recordings, and corresponding user information.

Here's the information that Clipwise can display for a Zoom User or Zoom Admin once they've authorized Clipwise to access Zoom:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Type (e.g. Basic, Licensed)
  • Role name
  • Timezone
  • Dept
  • Created_at (when the user was created in Zoom)
  • Job title
  • Company
  • Location


Clipwise currently offers the following integrations to enhance your recording search, consumption, and collaboration experience:

Google Calendar

Know which recordings are internal (your team) vs. external (with your customers or with other non-internal attendees) and who attended. This allows you to identify attendees that are not currently listed in your CRM.


Send recording/clip notifications to multiple channels (e.g. by department) to speed up team collaboration.



Gain context for recordings by enriching with account, contact, and opportunity data.

Zoom recordings offer limited context re: your team's meetings but if you add Google Calendar plus Salesforce data, you gain a clearer understanding for the companies, people, and revenue opportunities associated with your recordings.