Tagging Framework


We find the most relevant clips to share cross-functionally and build a clip library in Notion.


Glossary of Tags

competitor - one or more mentions of a competing product and associated experience

messaging - discussion of perception re: your company and its unique value

feedback - specific mention of experience with your company, product, or service

requirement - discussion focused on the customer needs e.g. team, workflow, or reporting

stakeholder - mention of another member of the buying team and what they care most about

priority - discussion of organizational priorities re: metrics or purchasing behavior

concern - apprehension expressed about value, setup, adoption, or contractual terms

escalation - mention the need to involve subject matter expert or manager

add-on and upsell sent to Management:

  • add-on can be used when a customer is referencing any new or additional product offering
  • upsell can be used when a prospect or customer mentions new funding or expansion

When a clip is tagged via the Clipwise interface, it gets pushed into a customized Notion table with metadata from Salesforce, i.e. account, contact, and opportunity data.